Why use Microsoft for the Internet of Things?

If you want to get started with IoT quickly to provide connectivity to both existing and new devices, facilitate new insights by harnessing power of untapped data and enable fast solution development you should consider Microsoft Azure IoT Services:

  • Device connectivity and management: Connect to millions of devices simultaneously. Enhance security of your IoT solutions by taking advantage of per-device authentication to communicate with devices that have the appropriate credentials. Revoke access rights to specific devices to maintain the integrity of your system.
  • Data Ingestion & Command & Control: Establish reliable, bi-directional communication with these assets, even if they are intermittently connected, and analyze—and act on—incoming telemetry data.
  • Workflow automation: Integrates with your company’s existing back-end systems to enable you to make the best use of the data and processes you already have. Whether it’s as simple as sending a text or integrating with your CRM or ERP system
  • Dashboards & Visualization: Create powerful and rich visualization experience
  • Preconfigured solutions: One of the biggest value we can provide is helping you develop IoT solutions faster. This will not only allow you to do more PoCs and pilots, it will also help accelerate the long project cycles we spoke about earlier. We do this by offering preconfigured solutions for the more common IoT scenarios.
Microsoft’s investment principles for IoT

The 4 important steps to capture and analyze untapped data to transform your business:

capture and analyse untapped data to transform your business
  • We’ll start with connecting and scaling to millions of devices efficiently
  • Next, once you have the data collected all the data Azure IoT Suite makes it easy to help you analyze the data
  • Get the insights
  • Lastly as we discussed before all this is quite useless  you can integrate with business back-end and automate business processes

Azure IoT Suite solutions come with pre-built sample scenarios that include:

  • Background information on the business need and objectives
  • Simulated devices and sample data
  • Pre-set rules and alerts, pre-defined dashboards, and more

These preconfigured solutions help you rapidly test business hypotheses. In fact, it’s possible to create a proof-of-concept in just a few days because you’re adjusting an existing sample, not setting things up from scratch such as:

Predictive Maintenance

How to approach a predictive maintenance project?

Imagine you could automatically identify and fix potential problems before they happen.

With Microsoft Azure IoT Services:

  1. Identify the target outcome
  2. Inventory data sources
  3. Capture & Combine data
  4. Model, test and integrate
  5. Validate model in a live operational scenario
  6. Integrate into operations
predictive maintainance Microsoft Azure IoT Services
remote monitoring Microsoft Azure IoT Services

Remote Monitoring

How to approach a remote monitoring project?

Imagine if you could monitor thousands of devices located around the world without physically inspecting them.

With Microsoft Azure IoT Services:

  1. Establish monitoring objectives and requirements
  2. Profile the devices involved
  3. Determine additional solution components
  4. Categorize the data
  5. Define alerts and actions
  6. Operationalize the solution and scale

What are Agile BI’s qualifications and expertise in Microsoft Azure IoT Services Consulting?

Agile BI is a Microsoft Gold Business Intelligence Partner. The Gold Partner certification process, training and support ensures our clients have access to consultants with expert knowledge and priority access to the latest Azure IoT Services product information from Microsoft.

Agile BI ensures project planning, design and implementation meets the standards recommended by Microsoft. This approach is critical for all client Azure IoT Services implementations to achieve ongoing support from Microsoft.

How does Agile BI consider people, processes and technology as part of Microsoft Azure IoT Services Consulting?

While the technology is often the focus of project and implementation plans, to achieve a successful project both Agile BI and the client must review the goals and objectives of the organisation, people involved and processes affected.

This applies to all projects, including Microsoft Azure IoT Services projects.

How does Agile BI approach a Microsoft Azure IoT Services Consulting project?

Our technical consultants work closely with the key client stakeholders to develop a realistic plan to implement Microsoft Azure IoT Services using an Agile framework. This is an approach that has delivered measurable success time and time again.

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