AgileBI provides consulting services to architect and implement your BI / DW systems in a scalable, extendable and secure fashion. We work with business users, subject matter experts and technical staff to identify and articulate requirements, evaluate your data architecture and technical environment and align the software tools with business-user needs for effective information delivery. We can help your company to get the most out of Microsoft BI / DW solutions including architecture, planning, system design, development, and lifecycle management.


Do you need to understand your business?


While the industry buzzes with talk of Data Lakes, Self Service Data Visualisation, Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning, you could be forgiven for thinking traditional Business Intelligence is dead. Certainly early adopters of some Big Data technologies were keen to declare the Data Warehouse was doomed. But far from it.

Organisations still run by the numbers that measure their performance, and those numbers need to be reliable, easy to access and always up to date. Modern Business Intelligence embraces these needs, alongside the need for a reliable source of data (call it a Data Warehouse if you want) to serve those needs.


Do you trust your data? Can you even find it?


If you don’t trust the numbers your organisation measures itself by – or even worse, you cannot consistently and reliably find the data that delivers them – then perhaps it is time to consider building a system that can fix those problems and give you a strong foundation for measuring how well you are performing.

We have built many Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence Systems for many clients. Our approach is based on established patterns and practices that have been adapted to modern, cloud oriented data platforms and the increased capabilities that they bring.



Discuss your specific environment, and let’s
make your data come alive.