BI / Analytics Strategy Consulting

Are you about to make an investment in BI but don’t want to join the 70% of failures?

Gartner reports that nearly 70% of Business Intelligence projects fail. AgileBI can steer you away from this with our structured Business Intelligence Strategy Assessment.

Are you preparing the roadmap for your BI investment? It can be a daunting task and a deeply political one. Business people invariably seek to get IT out of the equation so they can work with the data faster. IT fights back as they need to be sure the data being provided is accurate and reliable as they are on the hook if it’s not. Wading into this are a myriad of vendors keen to tell you if you just pick the right platform (which coincidentally, happens to be theirs) all your pain will go away.

What is the first step to avoiding failure?

It may seem like a platitude, but the first step to avoiding failure is having a clear idea of what success looks like. Many Business Intelligence programs operate without a clear measure of success or failure, which is odd given most companies have a pretty clear idea of what success or failure looks like. The very first step in our Strategy Assessment is to align the objectives of the Business Intelligence strategy with those of the Corporate Strategy.

It’s not that easy, right?

Of course not. Our strategy assessment has many layers, as shown below. It’s not just about technology, it’s about people and process as well. Any technology decision needs to be made in the context of what the business can actually support and what changes need to be put in place to support it. We can help you create a strategy that will deliver success for you and your business, and keep you out of that 70%.






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