Agile BI is pleased to offer this world class training course (SSIS Integration Services Training Sydney) for developers from industry experts Pragmatic Works. If you want to get started with SSIS this is the course for you – teaching you how to move and transform your data quickly and efficiently.

We don’t just deliver from a script – our trainers are consultants who deliver results for our clients in the field every day. They can bring, real proven expertise to the material and deal with your questions and real life challenges based on what they do for our clients.

SSIS Integration Services Training Sydney Course goal:

This  training is designed to help you understand all aspects of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), the ETL tool of choice for SQL Server users. We will use a variety of lab exercises and small projects to ensure you gain familiarity in how the design and execution environments work and be prepared to build your own real-world applications using this SQL Server application. Students will learn real-world uses for SSIS.

Course content:

  • Intro to the Development Environment and the Control Flow
  • Loading Data with the Data Flow
  • Using Variables, Parameters and Expressions
  • Troubleshooting SSIS
  • Using Containers
  • Loading a Dimension
  • Loading a Fact Table
  • Deploying SSIS Packages
  • Configuring SSIS Packages for Portability
  • SSIS Server Executions
  • Setting Up Auditing and Notification

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