DAX Training

05 DEC 2017 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

 Dax Training.jpg

Do you want to learn from the experts in Data Analytics?

Our training difference:

  • You will get hands-on experts delivering the training not trainers reading from a script

  • We can draw on our experience to provide real life scenarios where the materials apply

  • We can solve your real world problems during the class because we teach what we do in the field every day

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What will I learn?

DAX Training - Agenda:

1) Introduction to DAX
2) Table functions
3) Evaluation contexts
4) Introducing CALCULATE
5) Relationships
6) Time Intelligence


See what our attendees have said:

(a) concern was that the trainer would just be reciting/presenting a straight textbook training course with no real knowledge of the material. You definitely proved to have practical and proven expertise in this space though”. – BI Manager, Government


“(I was concerned) that it may fall into the standard vanilla instructor reading off notes at the front of the room for two days. It was not – Informative, engaging, relevant.” – BI Developer – Government

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