Company / Sector:

Royal Agricultural Society / Events

Company description:

A not-for-profit organisation committed to supporting agricultural development and rural communities in Australia. 

Technical Components:
  • Google Analytics
  • Microsoft Power BI
Business Advantages:
  • Real-time insights
  • Quantified the value of marketing channels
  • Facilitated the optimal allocation of marketing budgets
  • Analytics available on the go via mobile and tablet

Customer Study for Australia’s Largest Ticketed Event

Power BI Delivers Real-Time Marketing Dashboards for Royal Agricultural Society of NSW

“We wanted to take advantage of Microsoft Power BI to get real time statistics about what’s working within our digital marketing campaign”

The Royal Agricultural Society were looking to speed up their digital marketing campaign reporting so they could get immediate feedback on what marketing initiatives were driving the best customer engagement and outcomes.

SRESThis was achieved by first cleaning the data within Google Analytics so it could support accurate reporting. The data was then pulled in Power BI through its native Google Analytics connector, where a data model was then built to facilitate self-service analytics.

Phase One: Advanced Data Cleansing in Google Analytics

In phase one, AgileBI implemented a filtering system, to remove irrelevant website traffic, as well as create several custom segments within Google Analytics that made it easier to identify the Royal Agricultural Society’s target customers. Custom event tracking was then deployed via Google Tag Manager to more accurately measure the business’s website conversion funnel.

Phase Two: Power Query was used to pull in Google Analytics data for further transformations, cleansing and modelling.

In phase two, Power Query was used to apply several transformations to massage the data into the right formats and structure. DAX measures were then written that were designed to answer the business’s most important questions.

Phase Three: Power BI facilitated easy self-service reporting to discover valuable business insights

In phase three, a custom Power BI canvas, consistent with the companies branding, was developed for the Royal Agricultural Society to help the business’s adoption of the reporting solution. The reports were then designed to facilitate reporting of marketing KPI’s across custom time periods as well as on customer engagement KPI’s.

RAS PhotoRoyal Agricultural Society discovers the true value of each digital marketing channel

Agile BI’s solution delivered a close to real-time marketing analytics which was able to identify the Royal Agricultural Society’s most valuable marketing channels, so that marketing spend could be dynamically adjusted throughout the duration of the Sydney Easter Show.

Check the RAS Case Study here.

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