Broker Performance Reporting


Broker Performance Reporting

AgileBI was able to provide us with
a reporting tool that met all our requirements.
Not only it is easy to understand it has changed
the way we analyse our data

Leading Insurance Company


Do your customers need better data?

The broker network of our Insurance customer was demanding better insights
into their sales performance and their customer base.
Using modern BI we helped them provide it online and refreshed daily.


Are old systems constraining possibilities

Are old systems constraining possibilities?

The Insurer’s existing system relied on time-consuming manual processes.
The output was then distributed manually as static reports.

Other Insurers in the brokers’ network were providing higher quality, more timely information.
Our client needed to demonstrate their commitment to their broker in order to remain competitive.

We used modern visualisation tools that allowed them to present data that was up to date,
enabled self-service analysis and was delivered on demand through a portal.

Modern BI for Better Insights

By using Microsoft’s data visualisation tool Power BI, it was simple
to deliver an online reporting solution that could be accessed from any place and anytime.

The modernised presentation made the reporting look more professional.
The self-service aspect allowed brokers to generate their own insights.

To ensure data security the source was maintained in the Insurer's own data centre.
This allowed for secure daily refreshes from their internal systems.

Modern BI for Better Insights

Where next for the customer

Where next for the customer?

Using a Modern BI system enabled additional insights to be
generated such as peer performance benchmarks, market profiles, and customer mix.
This allowed the brokers to make data-driven decisions on how to manage their business
and market to customers.

The next step is to provide deeper capabilities to help brokers develop their business such
as sales projections and market penetration by demographics.


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