Advanced Finance Reporting



Advanced Finance Reporting

“Accurately reporting across
multiple data sources is a standard
challenge for a modern enterprise.
Correlating information, reconciling
differences and presenting it as a
coherent message is all part of
delivering a modern BI solution.”

James Beresford, Director, AgileBI

Advanced Finance Reporting

Advanced Finance Reporting

Ending Finance's Dependency on IT
This industry leader in property development was faced with increasingly complicated financial reporting needs that could not be met by their niche ERP system.

Are You Stuck With Static Reports?
The finance reports the customer had were static, difficult to change and ad-hoc in nature. They had to
rely on error-prone manual process to bring together data from multiple platforms. Reporting was
dependent on an IT department that did not have domain knowledge or share the same priorities.

Are Disparate Data Sources Making Analysis Hard?
The lack of a consolidated data platform led to inconsistent results. This resulted in needing a considerable
effort to reconcile these errors on their finance reports. The company demanded an integrated,
coherent and responsive solution to address these problems.

Benefit of Modern BI
AgileBI helped build a finance reporting solution using Microsoft’s latest in-memory
database technology. It consolidates data from multiple systems, following automated
workflow to transform them into a clean format for efficient storage.
Only one master version of data is maintained to ensure consistency. We used
Power BI to build rich interactive finance reports to replace the old static ones. This
also enabled Mobile BI capability to monitor KPIs while on the go.

Benefit of Modern BI


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