Case Studies

Price Recommendation Engine

Check how AgileBI built a Price Recommendation Engine that could help a multinational manufacturer to price their products effectively and maximise its market share.

Machine Learning in Public Health

See how Agile BI built a predictive model that helped identify what factors most affect the cost, and by how much they have influenced on key factors of a hospital.

Dealers Insights

See how AgileBI helped increase the performance of a leading automotive company’s dealer network by visualising key underperforming areas in real-time.

Advanced Finance Reporting

Read how AgileBI helped this industry leader to meet their needs through compelling interactive finance reports.

Broker Performance Reporting

Read how AgileBI built a reporting tool to deliver insights on sales performance into the hands of the broker in real time enabled this insurer to build loyalty and demonstrate a commitment to their network.

Sales and Inventory Analysis

Enterprise BI System Implementation

See how AgileBI helped a leading construction company build an enterprise DW/BI system to better analyse customer and finance data so it could determine opportunities for additional sales, improve financial reporting, and also improve its customer insights