Dealers Insights Helps You Measure Sales and Customer Satisfaction

In the current competitive market, it’s necessary to measure and track customer satisfaction and impact of that on sales. No matter what system you use, measuring customers satisfaction and linking that to sales figures can be challenging.  Well, this is where Dealers Insights helps in meeting your business goals especially for sales managers, chief operating officers, sales directors, customer insights managers and other relevant roles.

Dealers Insights is designed for companies who sell product or services using a reseller / dealer network. It's a cloud based Business Intelligence solution based on Microsoft Azure & Power BI platform which is the leading analytics tool based on the recent Gartner report.

You can see from our customer story how a leading automotive company was able to improve their sales performance using this tool to monitor dealerships KPIs in real-time. For decision makers in a company, it’s important to measure sales, after sales and customer satisfaction index (CSI) all in one dashboard to make data-driven decisions.  

Here’s how Dealers Insights can be used to identify the sales and customer satisfaction:

  • Converts customer feedback to actionable analytical reports

Quantifying customer’s feedback is a key to determine if your consumers are satisfied with your products and services. Dealers Insights allows you to gather information from different systems to determine perspectives of the customers.

  • Driving Action

This solution can increase the bottom-line performance of your dealer network by visualising key areas of under-performance and providing daily insight into areas for action.
A number of familiar metrics such as sales in period and percent of target achieved are provided. All of these metrics are able to be sliced by the different services that the dealer network offers, such as parts, service or workshop.

  • Determines trends quickly

It is important to identify the sales trends in an accurate and timely manner. You can use Dealers Insights dashboards to identify if the current month’s targets are going to be achieved. It uses the current month’s sales results to predict end-of-month sales. It calculates the required run-rate needed to hit target, adapting to account for sales to date.

  • Better Visibility towards Success

The performance dashboard visualises top and bottom performing dealers in the network. It ranks the best-performing dealers based on sales performance over the last 6 months. It also visualises the performance of the dealer network by plotting the run rate required to meet target based on time of the month. This report can be sliced by the top, middle and bottom performance as well as dealer services.

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