Top Ten Reasons to Migrate from SQL 2005 BI Edition

Looking for the Top Ten Reasons to upgrade from SQL 2005 BI? As we've mentioned elsewhere, SQL 2005 is approaching its end of life and we gave you our top 10 reasons to move away from a database point of view. But we are BI people, so here's our BI top ten!

So here are the Top Ten BI reasons you should get on with your upgrade planning ASAP, as you only have until 12th of April if you want to stay on a supported version of SQL:

Top Ten Reasons to Migrate from SQL 2005 BI

Top Ten Reasons to Upgrade from SQL 2005 BI

SQL 2005 was a landmark in BI for SQL Server - DTS got cast aside, Reporting Services became usable, OLAP Cubes matured significantly - it was a big deal. But since then, the deal has got better! Let's dig in:

Data Management

I'm a shameless SSIS geek, and working with data is my thing, so here's what you've been missing out since 2005:

SSIS: Integration Services got a major reboot in SQL2012 and here are the big changes:

  • Project Deployment
  • Project Connections and Variables
  • T-SQL Control

All of these features make moving your data easier and managing the movements even more so.

EIM: Managing your data as part of Enterprise Information Management got better with:

  • DQS (2012) - allowing you to apply data quality rules interactively and as part of ETL
  • MDS (2008r2) - managing Master Data through Excel was a big feature which was practical and business friendly


  • Columnstore indexes - moving data in the Database got faster with in memory indexes

Developer experience

  • SSDT - the BI IDE integrated properly with Visual Studio and TFS making development a better experience all round

Data Presentation


  • Tabular Cubes (2012) - the in memory cubes that offer lightning fast performance on vast amounts of data arrived
  • OLAP Cubes (every releases) - performance and functionality kept on expanding


  • Reporting Services (2012) - SharePoint integration improved including adding the new PowerView tool

So there you have it! 10 BI focused reasons to get off 2005 as soon as possible! Get in touch if you want to know more.

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