Top Ten Reasons to Migrate from SQL 2005

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Looking for the Top Ten Reasons to Migrate from SQL 2005? As we've mentioned elsewhere, SQL 2005 is approaching its end of life. We all love the lure of the new here over at Agile BI, but we know you need some good reasons to upgrade that software over and above the CYA factor.

So here are the Top Ten reasons you should get on with your upgrade planning ASAP, as you only have until 12th of April if you want to stay on a supported version of SQL:

Top Ten Reasons to Migrate from SQL 2005

Top Ten Reasons to Migrate from SQL 2005

Big performance gains

Users like it fast, efficient and ready at all times, so here's three good reasons - speed, availability and scalability all improved significantly:

  1. 13x performance gains from 2005 - from in-memory OLTP and Columnstore Indexes.
  2. Experience the 9's you need with greater High Availability and Disaster Recovery with the awesome new AlwaysOn feature.
  3. Scale across compute, networking and storage with Windows Server 2012 R2 and up to 640 logical processors.

Keep secure and compliant

You may not care about this until the auditors come round, but a clean sheet is a good one to present, so be secure, compliant and patched:

  1. The least vulnerable data platform six years in a row;* engineered for security from the ground-up.
  2. Maintain compliance audit requirements (dull, but hey - you've got to  do it!)
  3. Keep receiving support, security updates and hot fixes.

Optimise infrastructure

Metal costs. So cut down how much metal you need (unless you're a headbanger, these are solid reasons)

  1. Virtualise and consolidate data platforms and OS for maximum performance at low TCO.
  2. Get hybrid with On-premises and Azure.
  3. Migrate web applications to Azure SQL Database to reduce administrative needs.

Our bonus 10th reason:

We like to give a little more, so here's our BI focused number  10:

  1. Get rid of those ancient and unsupportable DTS Packages that you have lying around and replace them with SSIS using DTSxchange from our partners at Pragmatic Works  and our expert help!


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