Power BI Embedded: Why It’s Perfect for Developers

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Power BI Embedded is a Microsoft Azure service that lets app developers integrate Power BI reports and visualisations into their web and mobile applications. As a business application developer, you frequently have to include built-in data elements like charts, visualisations and reports which can be time consuming and tedious. However, with Power BI Embedded, these data elements can now be created and integrated into your apps quickly and easily.

From a users point of view, it makes their consumption your business applications super simple as they won’t even need a Power BI account. All they will need to do is to log into your application, just like you always have, before they can start experiencing the interactive and dynamic reports that Power BI can deliver.

Why Power BI is Perfect for Developers

Power BI Embedded uses a single API, , which gives you access to the latest Power BI capabilities and features – like dashboards, gateways and app workspaces – when embedding your content.

Developers Can Use Power BI API’s to:

● Build their own data visualizations that can be used in interactive reports and dashboards

● Securely embedding those reports and dashboards into any web app with a custom authentication

● Share these embedded reports and dashboards with anyone

You can see samples of what others have been doing with Power BI API’s on the Power BI Developer webpage.

All Types of Users


Embedding Power BI content generally falls into two categories: embedding for Power BI users and embedding for non-Power BI users. In the past, the Power BI Embedded service was used to service non-Power BI users only, however, these days the REST APIs have been updated and now you can embed dashboards and reports into your custom applications, using the same API to service both Power BI users or non-Power BI users.

To view a sample of how embedding works, see JavaScript embed sample.

The Power BI Embedded System

Just like other Azure services, Power BI Embedded is a resource (in this case, Power BI Workspace Collection) that is provisioned through the Azure Resource Manager APIs.

What is a Workspace collection?

A Workspace Collection is the top-level Azure container for resources that contain 0 or more Workspaces. A Workspace Collection has all of the standard Azure properties, as well as the following:

● Access Keys – Used to securely call the Power BI APIsprovision-quickly.png

● Users – Azure Active Directory (AAD) users that have administrator rights to manage the Power BI Workspace Collection through the Azure portal or Azure Resource Manager API.

● Region – Allows you can select a region to be provisioned in. For more information, visit the Azure Regions web page.

What is a Workspace?

A Workspace is a container of Power BI content and can include datasets and reports. A Workspace is empty when first created so you’ll need to create content using Power BI Desktop and then deploy the PBIX into your workspace using the Power BI Import API. . You can also programmatically create datasets and reports within your application, instead of using Power BI Desktop.

Using Workspace Collections and Workspaces

Workspace Collections and Workspaces are containers of content that are used and organised in a way that best fits the design of the application you’re building.embed-your-reports-easily.png

There are many different ways to arrange the content within them. For example, you could put all your content within one workspace and then later use app tokens to subdivide the content amongst your customers. Other options include putting all of your customers into separate workspaces or organising them by region.

Authentication and Authorization Using App Tokens

Power BI Embedded defers to your application to perform all the necessary user authentication and authorization. Your end users don’t have to be customers of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) because your application expresses to Microsoft Power BI Embedded authorization to render a Power BI report by using Application Authentication Tokens (App Tokens).

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