The Question of the day: Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Qlik View or IBM Watson - Which one is the easiest program to make presentations for my marketing and sales team?

We from Agile BI hold lots of events and workshops during the year. We love to teach and inspire our attendees. But we also love the fact that we get at every workshop something back – feedback, contacts or inspiring questions. After every workshop our team comes together again and reflects the workshop. At this point we choose the most inspiring question from one of our attendees that we answer here again with some additional material. Either our attendees from our last workshop can read it again or our community gets new information.


The question of the day was at our Self-Service Data Analytics sessions where we informed attendees about the capabilities of Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Qlik View and IBM Watson. We had four speakers who are very experienced with these four products and gave a good overview and insights.

One of our attendees described the following company situation and asked the following question after the presentations at our Q&A session:


“My organisation wants to get hands on data very quickly. Especially my sales and marketing team who have already had some training with programs and came back to get help from the IT guys in saying they have no time to learn too technical things - they want something easy to use. If I want to have a program that is pretty straight forward, where our employees can drag and drop and create some presentations very quickly which would be the easiest program for that?”

The answers of our presenters was that for Power BI and IBM Watson there are no technical skills needed. In terms of modelling Power BI is recommended as it is easy to use. It is possible to customize dashboards. If you want to see a certain info in the program it is possible to resize and change it very easily and you can ask questions in the program to give you the answer you are looking for.

Regarding learning curve, all the tools were very agreed to be quick to get started with, but they all ramped up in complexity once users want to do more advanced visualisations or data modelling. Power BI and Watson were the easiest to get started with, and for more advanced Data Modelling Power BI (though PowerPivot) was considered to be the easiest for inexperienced users. For advanced visualisations Tableau delivered the best results, but that came at a cost of time invested to make those visualisations.

If you have additonal questions contact us or come to our second Self-Service BI session on the 22nd Of October.


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