New Microsoft Certification — MCSA Data Science

Last week, Microsoft has announced the addition of the new MCSA: Data Science, which puts you on a path to earn an MCSE: Data Management & Analytics certification. Microsoft has been working to simplify their certification options with four primary goals:

1) Make it easier for you to understand what’s required to earn your certification with fewer certification paths;
2) Minimize the number of steps required to become certified;
3) Allow you to align your skills to industry-recognized areas of competence while providing flexibility to showcase your specific skills on Microsoft products and services;
4) Allow you to renew your MCSE or MCSD certification annually to demonstrate the depth and breadth of your skills and your commitment and passion for continuous learning.

In addition to this, we finally have proof that there is going to be a Power BI-centric exam! It is 778: Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI. Plus, there is going to be 779: Analyzing Data with Excel for Excel gurus

Check our this new pdf that clearly outlines the requirements for each certification and the electives that can be taken to renew each MCSE annually. Use this resource to guide you on your certification journey!

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Ligia Chelotti

Marketing Coodinator at AgileBI