MailChimp Power BI helps you visualising your email Data

MailChimp Power BI – working together beautifully!

We from Agile BI always knew that Power BI is amazing. But now even more amazing things are possible with the corporation of MailChimp and Power BI.

MailChimp: More than 8 million people and businesses around the world use the popular tool to send their marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns. So do we soon for our fortnightly newsletter.


Power BI: Helps you to share, find and visualise.

These two programs in connection help you to visualise your data as you have never seen it before.


This is the dashboard you will see when you have provided credentials and given MailChimp access to Power BI.

Businesses can analyse their data now like data scientists. There are no coding skills necessary. Each tile in this colourful puzzle as you can see in the pic above lets you dig deeper into data heaven and visualises it in a manner that is easily understood.


  • Four pages of reports will be provided from Power BI.
  • Cross filter between particular entries like product name and visualise it by other selections.
  • For customisation use the “pinning” option for certain entries and load them to the dashboard. Resize them and edit them as often as you want.
  • On top of the dashboard is also a question box located to ask questions about your data. Try “Show total emails by campaign title” or “Show total clicks by location on a map”. Those results can also be pinned to your dashboard.


You want to visualise in which area the email subscribers are most engaging? There is a map for it!

The corporation of Power Bi and MailChimp helps you to keep focused on your most important email data metrics and gives you an easy understandable and visualised insight in your data.

Agile BI will switch soon because of this new incorporation from our existing platform to MailChimp to enjoy these advantages.

We from Agile BI support you to gain information about Power BI with the following options:

  • Come to one of our introductory or intermediate Power BI workshops in Sydney. The next one happens soon. Agile BI Power BI workshops
  • Or we come to you and show you in a Power BI demo session what is possible

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SQL Server 2014 and Power BI jumpstarts in review

Looking back at our two SQL Server 2014 and Power BI jumpstarts that we held in May and July 2014, it was a great pleasure to inform IT professionals, BI developers and data professionals about the new features and enhancements in Microsoft SQL 2014 and Power BI, as well to show them how to create business value through features such as in-memory databases and Power BI reporting.

SQL Server 2014 & Power BI Workshop - May 2014

We really appreciated the fact that so many attendees gave us afterwards positive feedback and were satisfied about the workshop outcome.

Comments from our satisfied workshop attendees:

“After this workshop I can bring lots of helpful information and new ideas to my company and keep my boss and colleagues up to date. “

“Before attending this event I had no clue that so much has changed with SQL Server 2014 – I am glad I am up to date now and can give my knowledge to my employees.”

“A day full of knowledge and new connections from Sydney’s data scene.”

“Iman, James and Victor are very passionate about their role as presenters. It is a pleasure to join a full day workshop with them as mentors.”

“Next to my full time job, my passion is developing. With today´s workshop I got more than a great overview of the SQL Server big data analytics platforms.”

“I know Iman since last year SQL Server 2014 & Power BI Jump Start workshop. Ever since then if I need a high quality advice he is able to provide it.”

“Iman, Victor and James are in this business for a long time and had a satisfying answers to all my questions.”


IT professionals, BI developers and data professionals do not miss our full time workshop on the 18th of June about SQL Server 2014 and Power BI. Iman, Victor and James are looking forward to an exciting workshop. Book now — SQL Server 2014 and PowerBI Jump Start


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