Quick Measures and built-in calendars in Power BI

The April 2017 update to Power BI introduced a ground breaking feature: Quick Measures. This article discusses the Quick Measures that deal with time intelligence.

Currently there are five sections in Quick Measures Read more

Generating lists in Power BI from scratch

Learn how to generate lists in Power BI from scratch

Disconnected lists of items can be useful for various purposes. For example, one can be used as a parameter table.

In Power BI, you can generate lists from scratch with both M and DAX. We’ll start with generating a continuous list of integers.

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PowerPivot Succinctly – free Book by Agile BI Director James Beresford

Want to learn more about PowerPivot? Syncfusion have published a free new eBook “PowerPivot Succinctly” written by Agile BI Director James Beresford.

Did you know you can handle millions of rows of data on your desktop? Build interactive charts and tables that analyse that data instantly? Create dashboards that bring together related data without needing a huge BI project? Explore your data in real time? Even plot it on a map?

Of course you can. You just do it in Excel. No, seriously.

Our Director James Beresford introduces PowerPivot in his new book and he will help you to manipulate massive amounts of data using an often overlooked feature of Microsoft Excel. James will demonstrate how to take control of data sets by using a tool that most readers likely already have access to. With PowerPivot Succinctly, you can take the first step toward mastering your data needs.

PowerPivot succinctly - a free eBook

PowerPivot succinctly – a free eBook

Below is a quick overview of the contents:

  1. PowerPivot Model Basics
  2. Using your PowerPivot Model
  3. Sharing your PowerPivot Model
  4. A Note on Instability
  5. Deep Dive: The xVelocity Engine

It’s a free download – so go help yourself! (Note registration is required with Syncfusion but they do not spam)


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