Marco Russo DAX expert

Marco Russo DAX expert: What is DAX? And why you have to know Marco Russo if you know DAX?

DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) is the native formula and query language for Microsoft Power Pivot and SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular models. Important to know is that DAX is NOT a programming language, DAX is a formula language!

DAX formulas are very similar to Excel formulas.

To create one, you type an equal sign, followed by a function name or expression, and any required values or arguments. Like Excel, DAX provides a variety of functions that you can use to work with perform calculations using dates and times, strings, or create conditional values.

Why is DAX so important?

It is not hard to create a workbook and import some data into it. You can even create PivotTables or PivotCharts that display essential information without using any DAX formulas. But, what if you need to analyse critical sales data across different product categories and for different date ranges? Or, you need combine important inventory data from several tables in different data sources? DAX formulas provide this capability and many other important capabilities as well. Learning how to create effective DAX formulas will help you get the most out of your data. When you get the information you need, you can begin to solve real business problems that affect your bottom line.

This is Business Intelligence, and Marco Russo DAX expert will help you get there.

marco russo dax expert

Marco Russo DAX Expert

Born and based in beautiful Turin (Italy), Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari from SQLBI published in October this year the book “The Definitive Guide to DAX – Business intelligence with Microsoft Excel, SQL Server Analysis Services, and Power BI”.

This guide offers expert guidance on everything intermediate-to-advanced Excel users and BI professionals need to know, from the basics to innovative high-performance techniques. Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari use this book as companion content for their courses Mastering DAX and Optimizing DAX. This book proofs the expertise of Marco Russo and Alberto as the Number one DAX experts in the world. Agile BI proudly announces that Marco Russo will present the first time ever in Australia his Mastering DAX and Optimizing DAX Trainings in Sydney and Melbourne.


Use the chance to get in touch with the DAX star Marco Russo at a training session of your choice in Sydney or Melbourne and ask all the questions you always wanted to ask about DAX!


*Note the offered courses are masterclasses. For beginner courses please visit this link.



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