Quick-start Consulting Packages

These are risk-free options to achieve “quick wins” without need of having big budgets. Our Jump-start consulting packages are designed to meet customer demands across varied organisation size/types and platforms.

  • Get the most out of your SQL Server investment
  • Empower your business users with the latest self-service, collaborative and cloud BI solutions from Microsoft
  • Enhance your corporate BI and reporting capabilities
  • Agile Enablement
Data Platform Self-service Reporting / Analytics BI and Data Warehouse Agile Enablement

Maximise your SQL Server investment

Empower your business users with self-service BI

Enhance your corporate BI and reporting capabilities

Become more productive with Agile

Reduce risk of downtime Let users solve their own problems Make your BI more effective and usable Get results to users faster
Reduce cost of operations Enable powerful visualisations Leverage tools to improve productivity Increase quality of outputs
Speed up your systems Maintain stability and security Simplify delivery to end users Reduce management overheads

How you achieve your goals with our help

This engagement is focused on your environment.  Whether you need to deploy on SQL Azure, SQL Server 2014, or older versions, we have the experience to ensure success.

Are you interested in the SQL Server 2014 or Azure platform?

We work closely with Microsoft to know how to best leverage the latest releases of SQL Server and how to integrate your BI solution into the cloud.

Discover new Microsoft technologies in business analytics and reporting.

We will show you how you can enjoy the benefits of running your company with the latest business intelligence solutions offered by Microsoft.

Using these new capabilities your business users can easily discover data, build reports and collaborate with others using familiar tools.

Let our group of SQL Server MVP’s, industry experts, and thought leaders guide your team through the complex process of generating new insights from your data.

We can help you define your path to value and can train your team on creating customised reporting and analysis solutions to ensure utilisation of data in the most efficient ways.

Implement the prototype we build together as the foundation for your production BI solution.

Agile is not a “one size fits all” cookbook of processes and techniques to be blindly implemented or taught. At Agile BI, we understand the need for flexibility during Agile adoption. To drive a successful adoption, we promote core “building blocks” that provide a strong foundation for evolving your organisation.

We will also set up relevant tools to help you up and running with important components such as backlog management, task tracking, CI (Continues Integration), automated build/testing, etc.

Package features
  • SQL Server Health Check
  • Architecture Review
  • Discover problems and pain-points in the maintenance, performance, security and operational framework of SQL server
  • Assess the high-availability, disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Presentations and reports will be given highlighting the findings and outlining the immediate as well as short, medium and long-term strategic goals
  • Upgrade Planning
  • Power BI Quick Start
  • Discover, model and visualise your data for a business subject area
  • Building interactive dashboards and show you how to access them from web or mobile devices
  • Enabling your business users to build their own reports
  • Discuss the high level governance model
  • Assess the potential security concerns
  • Provide advice on the Cloud based, on-premise, and Hybrid solutions
  • A POC using your data and based on your reporting requirements
  • Review of your current BI/data warehouse environment
  • Check how you can get the most out of your investment in Microsoft BI/data platform
  • A POC for BI Presentation layer such as Reports, Dashboards, Scorecards, and Pivot tables delivered via platforms like SharePoint, Office and mobile devices
  • Coach your team on the rapid development of solutions using the Agile BI methodologies and tools such as TFS
  • Review of your current project environment, processes and tools
  • Check how best to leverage Agile techniques and tools to improve collaboration, transparency and performance
  • Help to set up relevant tools such as TFS for full ALM (Application Lifecycle Management)
  • Implement best practices for planning, prioritising backlog, and effective retrospective sessions
  • Training your team on Agile processes and tools
5 Days 5 Days 8 Days 5 Days
$7,500 (+GST) $7,500 (+GST) $12,000 (+GST) $7,500 (+GST)

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