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Power BI Embedded Row Level Security available

An early Christmas present in my inbox was the announcement that Power BI Embedded Row Level Security was quietly completed in Dec. The documentation also popped up a few days ago. An early criticism of Power BI Embedded was that you couldn’t really use it in customer portals because it was not possible to filter […]

Healthcare Analytics at the Spinal Cord Injury Network Thought Leadership Forum

The Spinal Cord Injury Network is advocating for a National Registry of persons with Spinal Cord Injuries. I had the privilege of attending and presenting at their Thought Leadership forum held on the 15th of November  2016. While most presenters were coming from a healthcare practitioner background, I brought my perspective on Healthcare Analytics, enabled […]

Power BI Maps takes a leap in September update

The September Power BI update is here and Power BI Maps have got a serious set of improvements. Mapping beforehand was … ok. Points and circles, pretty much like PowerView in Excel – it served a purpose, albeit a basic one. Now in the preview features there’s a new Shape Map (which replaces the Synoptic […]

Connecting to Dynamics CRM with Power BI

Connecting to Dynamics CRM with Power BI If you are like us and use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage your customer data, you are also probably like us and want to analyse that data by connecting to Dynamics  CRM with Power BI. For a first play there is a Dynamics CRM Power BI content pack. […]

Self Service BI state of the market November 2015

Trying to get actual usage figures of any self service BI tool is pretty difficult – none of the big vendors will willingly release figures – and if they did they’d probably be suspect. But in analytics sometimes there are useful proxies which, while not as accurate as hard numbers, can give a useful perspective. […]