Agile Enablement

Become more flexible and more collaborative with Agile.

Agile is a proven method of managing projects that lets you be more creative and more flexible in responding to user and stakeholder feedback, and more collaborative among cross-functional teams. Ultimately, Agile helps you deliver by creating working software in short iterations, with a focus on developing high-value functionality first.

Through our Agile Advisory Services (AAS), you can learn how to adopt and integrate Agile methods into your delivery systems, too. Adopting Agile methods (and helping your organisation adapt) requires time, coaching, and flexibility. So, we promote core building blocks that provide a strong foundation for success.

What is Agile?

Very simply, agile practices iteratively and incrementally deliver high quality, valuable, working software to customers. Agile practices empower software development teams to effectively guide software development projects and embrace change in a project. Most importantly, agile development emphasizes both internal and external collaboration and feedback to improve the quality and value of the software. This drives continuous improvement over the development process.

How we use Agile practices

Agile practices permeate every aspect of our work, from software development to project management. We’ve adopted Scrum as our overarching agile project management/software development process. By using agile to guide both our project management and engineering practices, we have been able to continuously improve the quality and value of the software we deliver to our customers. We also use agile to continually improve our organizational culture and our development practices.

Agile is not a “one size fits all” cookbook of processes and techniques to be blindly implemented or taught. At Agile BI, we understand the need for flexibility during Agile adoption. To drive a successful adoption, we promote core “building blocks” that provide a strong foundation for evolving your organisation.

"Agile Development Cycle"