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To fully benefit from the power of data, organizations need to make it easy for all users to get access to the right data, at the right time, so they can make more informed decisions, while also giving IT the tools to manage data access, quality and compliance. User expectations, however, are changing, and they are demanding self-service access to more types of data than ever before. A BI solution isn’t complete if it can’t pull in external data from a marketplace, or unstructured data from Hadoop, and easily combine it with existing enterprise data that may live on premises or in the cloud. Customers can build these modern BI solutions on-premises using SQL Server, SharePoint and Excel or simply subscribe to Power BI for Office 365 and let Microsoft manage the infrastructure for them, so they can focus on unlocking new insights.

Agile BI is a Gold Partner for Data Platform and Analytics

Pragmatic Works partner

Pragmatic Works

Pragmatic Works mission is to help Microsoft SQL Server developers and DBAs operate more efficiently with innovative products that support the entire data platform. The company accomplishes this by offering software that simplifies the development and management of SQL Server, as well as by delivering top-tier SQL Server trainers and consultants for your most complex data management, big data, cloud and business intelligence projects. Pragmatic Works has served more than 7,500 customers globally, across multiple industries including banking, insurance, financial, automotive and education.

Agile BI is partnered with Pragmatic Works to deliver their training courses and software products in Australia / New Zealand


Meniga is the European market leader of white-label Personal Finance Management (PFM) and next-generation online banking solutions.

Meniga’s award winning solutions help multiple retail banks across the world dramatically improve their online and mobile banking user experience. Through innovative solutions Meniga helps millions of people think about and engage with their finances.

Meniga believes in a consumer driven data ecosystem where digital engagement is translated into market intelligence and helps optimise spending by offering consumers highly targeted contextualised offers through PFM driven marketing.

Agile BI is the sole Australian Partner for Meniga,  delivering both product, implementation and support.