Vehicle Manufacturer

Company description:

Leading Vehicle Manufacturer managing their nationwide sales network

Used Services:
  • Datazen
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services (Tabular)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database
Advantages of new Technology
  • Delivered actionable insights to executives on mobile platforms

Customer Study for Vehicle Manufacturer

Mobile Dashboards with Datazen

Data was not the problem, acting on it was

A leading vehicle manufacturer collected real time information from their dealer network but were struggling to find a way to present the information to the sales management team in a manner that was easy to determine actions from.

Making it meaningful and beautiful with Datazen across many platforms

Using Agile BI’s expertise in presenting information in a way that drives action, and Datazen as the platform to deliver those visualisations, the information was brought to life.

Working from a range of data sources, it was possible to bring just the relevant data – with the context needed to drive action – in a single, smartphone sized dashboard.

This dashboard could be access across all mobile platforms, and also had tablet and desktop versions with added detail.

datazen screenshot 2

datazen screenshot 1

Action is now possible

The value from the investment made in accumulating the real time data has now been realised as executives can now – at a glance – understand how their business is performing and act accordingly.

The company is now able to become a more effective, data driven organisation.

Also check out here our Video from our director James Beresford about the successful Datazen implementation!

Datazen Customer Study Video

Datazen Customer Study Video

Video Datazen Case Study

Download our customer study in PDF format here.

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